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The college paper writing process is a chore even for the best students. Nobody likes doing it. Nobody like reading the papers, either. What? You think your professor has fun reading anywhere from 30 to 300 formulaic, barely-coherent college papers every week? Certainly not. Most professors hate the chore so much that it’s an open secret that you can score a great grade many times if your paper is simply written well enough that the professor doesn’t have to think about it or try to puzzle out what it really means. That’s why college paper writing skills can come in handy.

For insight, we turned to an actual college instructor who teaches courses as an adjunct at several different colleges within a 50-mile radius. This instructor asked to remain anonymous for fear of upsetting college administrators. But here is what Professor X had to say:

“First, students need to understand that most of their professors, especially at large schools, are adjuncts. That means that we get paid a low fee to teach a course. Typically, it’s a couple of thousand dollars. So, when you start dividing that out over the time we need to spend preparing lessons, teaching classes, being on call for office hours, and grading papers, that money divides out to about minimum wage. Sometimes less. The more papers we have to grade, and the longer it takes to grade them, the lower the pay becomes. So it’s in our interest to not care too much about the essays.

“What this means is that I can’t really afford to give more than a couple of minutes to each paper. If I can’t understand what you’re writing, then I have to spend extra time making notes and marking up your assignment. That costs me time and therefore money because that’s time I can’t spend working freelance online or whatever else I have to do that week to make ends meet. That puts me in a bad mood, and you end up with a worse grade than you might otherwise have.

“On the other hand, I tend to be over-generous with papers that are written well. If it’s clear, makes sense, and answer the question, I’ll give it a good grade so I don’t have to justify taking points off with a long and complicated evaluation. This saves me time and therefore money.”

Now that you know the secret of the college paper grading industry, it’s time to think about your own college paper writing skills. Do you think you have what it takes to make your instructors happy? Custom model essays can help you develop the kind of clear and memorable writing that will get past your instructors’ filters and move you closer to the good grade column. Our college paper writing experts are happy to help whenever you need it. We’re standing by around the clock to produce model essays that will show you the best way to research, organize, write, and format your paper to meet your instructors’ expectations.

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