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Repetition makes everything less fun. The average college student is writing an essay every week, and sometimes more often than that. The process is numbing. The student must read the topic, research the topic, develop a thesis, outline the paper, write the essay, and go through the formatting and proofreading process. It’s enough to give a person a headache, especially when the essays are very similar. Most revolve around a few well-worn types of questions. Fortunately, there is a way to save time and save yourself from hours of boredom. Custom written papers are the solution you’ve been looking for, and A2ZCustomPapers.com has exactly what you need!

It turns out that there is a good reason that college papers all tend to be very similar. The reason is that professors often have little choice in what they are able to assign. Professors don’t want to assign the same types of essays over and over again, but thanks to a combination of school policies and government interference, they have fewer options than ever before.

In the past, professors would design their own assignments and there would be a lot of room for creativity. However, today professors are increasingly hemmed in by rules. For example, most colleges now either require or strongly recommend the use of rubrics to score projects. Because rubrics quantify specific content that must be demonstrated, they tend to work better with essays than with projects where subjective creativity is valued. Rubrics encourage essays.

But beyond this, professors also have to conform to accessibility requirements from the government and workload requirements from the accrediting bodies that certify their schools. To ensure that assignments are accessible to the disabled, they can’t utilize visual, auditory, tactile, or other skills that someone of a different ability doesn’t possess. While it is possible to offer alternative assignments to handle these contingencies, many professors don’t want to have to deal with several different alternative assignments, meaning that essays are the most efficient way to go. Similarly, when it comes to informing the accrediting agency how workload is distributed in a course, it is much easier to justify it in terms of essays than projects where the time needed to produce a creative endeavor is hard to measure. Not to mention the fact that professors can’t expect students to come to class with technical skills to produce multimedia projects, so rather than take class time to teach these skills, essays make it easier.

The bottom line is that professors face enormous challenges in moving beyond the essay paradigm, and our team of writers understands the frustration involved. Our custom written papers are designed to cut out some of the drudgery of producing these essays so you can focus on what’s really important: learning the material and understanding your topic. After all, learning—not cranking out writing no one wants to read—is what college is all about. Contact us today to learn how our team of expert writers can help you deliver the very best essays on all your hardest assignments.

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