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Analytical research paper


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Once upon a time college homework assignments were mostly drill and kill. Students would receive large blocks of material to memorize, and then they would have to show the professor that they had memorized it. In that way, generations of students memorized whole poems or speeches from Shakespeare, vast number of grammar rules, and other arcane bits of information that we would today look up on our smartphones. Because the world is changing and there is less need than ever to memorize vast amounts of data, the nature of college learning has also changed.

Today, students are more likely to receive assignments that ask them to make connection and to do research than to memorize material. As a result, the analytical research paper has become one of the most popular college assignments. However, many students have had enormous difficulty mastering the art of writing an analytical research paper because it requires a very different set of skills from the traditional five paragraph high school essay. Let’s consider some of the key differences.

The analytical research paper requires students to do research, which means that they need to be familiar with the conventions of academic research and how to properly work with sources. Most high school essays rarely ask students to go beyond citing the textbook or a preselected set of sources. The analytical research paper needs students to not only identify their own research but to summarize, paraphrase, or quote it correctly and document that research in a specific academic writing format.

The analytical research paper also requires students to go beyond summarizing other people’s ideas and to offer their own analysis instead. This can be a major challenge to students who aren’t used to drawing conclusions and offering original viewpoints beyond what their sources tell them. Analysis can be tricky because it requires a great deal of thinking and a mastery of the subject in order to identify the nuances of key arguments and to develop a fresh take on the topic.

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