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Dissertation Sample


An Overview of a Dissertation Sample
A dissertation is technically an academic assessment that frequently comes at the end of course study; it typically requires students to pick a topic of interest and explore it extensively by writing a literature review and carry out field research that will result in some conclusions and recommendations. Writing a dissertation may seem like the most difficult task in the entire school curriculum. But if you understand the requirements, it becomes an easier document to write.
When writing a dissertation, here is a sample of what you should make sure to include:
Research Proposal: This section describes what the research is all about; it outlines what the researcher intends to do, how they will do it and what they plan to achieve. The research proposal gives an overview of the whole project under investigation at a glance.
Title: the title section presents details such as the research topic, students name and number, the degree they are pursuing, the name of institution and date of submission, and the name of the supervisor.
Abstract: The abstract is the description of the dissertation in one paragraph, it details the issues under research, methods used, why they were used and outcomes, and finally a conclusion of the research.
Acknowledgements: This section is used to acknowledge all the people that were resourceful during the research. The researcher has the discretion to thank whoever helped them during the investigation process including lecturers, interviewees among others.
Introduction: This chapter introduces the topic under research by outlining the objectives, aims, research questions; it gives an outline of the dissertation. This chapter should be written carefully, with no mistakes in grammar.
Literature Review: This chapter in a dissertation is used to analyze all the relevant works done by others that are similar to your topic. This section will demonstrate whether your study will be a contribution to existing research by other scholars.
Methodology: This section is used to describe the methods employed for the survey such as data collection instruments and justify why they are useful in your research.
Results and Discussion section: This chapter describes the results of the research, after analyzing all the data obtained during research, the next step is to interpret for results.
Conclusion: This section is used to summarize the entire research using the results obtained during research, the researcher here answers the questions earlier presented by the research.
Bibliography and References: This section is for all the sources used for the research. It includes books cited and other works that mentioned in the dissertation. This section is as per the referencing style applicable at your University; correct referencing of your paper prevents ethical issues such as plagiarism
Appendices: This section is for attaching useful documentation for the dissertation. It comprises of documents such as surveys documentation, questionnaires, interview guides, research permits and other materials used during the research process. Including such documents makes the research valid as one can always refer to these articles for clarification.

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