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Professional research paper


Components of Professional research paper

A research paper is a form of an essay with more details, more often it has a well-thought topic that is researchable and in most cases derived from a research problem. Research papers are common documents students must write throughout their college and university career. It is so important that it makes up at le3ast 30% on average of your class mark.

Although research papers differ according to the different formats and college requirements, when writing a professional research paper it is important to make sure that your document contains the following elements.

Title page:  this is the top most page containing all the essential information at a glance. Information such as your name, school, date, and the title of your research paper should not miss from the title page. Professional research papers may differ as to what is on this page, but irrespective of the differences, this page must be there.

Table of Contents: another important part of a professional research paper is the table of contents page. It is important to give your reader in summary what is the paper and the page number. This page can easily be generated automatically from the Microsoft Word application. All professional research papers must have a table of contents page to facilitate easy perusal of the document.

The content of the research paper: this is the body of the research paper, it contains all the information regarding the topic under discussion. This segment is the largest part of the research paper, usually not less than 20 pages but you can write more depending on the type of paper. In this section, the writer gives all the arguments in regards to the subject under discussion and finally the conclusion. The organization of this segment may different for every institution as per their writing policy. Therefore when writing this section, it is important to ensure that you follow all the university requirements.

 The reference section: referencing is critical for every professional paper, the format for referencing is dependent on the institution. Others may use APA, MLA or Chicago style among others; it is important to master the referencing style preferred in your college to make your writing easy. A paper that is well referenced will not have plagiarism issues. Therefore it is important that before writing, you are familiar with how to reference your work.

Appendices section: this is an important segment in a professional research paper, it is used to attach all the supportive documents that aided the investigation process. Such materials may include interview guides, questionnaires, tabulations, research permits printouts among others. This segment since it validates your research with relevant and referral materials used for the study.

The above sections are standard in most professional research papers although the requirements in each may be different. As a writer, you should make sure your research paper is organized well for easy understanding by the reader or professor.
Finally, ensure that you examine your writing well, use relevant and trustworthy sources at all times and provide all the sources.

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