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Professional writing is writing that is guided by style and rules that conform to a particular profession.  It changes from industry to industry. It is usually written formally unlike artistic writing where the writer has more freedom and flexibility. It is confined to work-related communications. The players in this field include doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, business people, and governments. The primary objective in professional writing is to convey information to the target audience, unlike the other types of writing which may be used to entertain or express an own opinion. Examples include brochures, grant proposals, letters, memos, product data sheets, manuals, and policies.

Professional writing is usually done with a purpose in mind. The most popular being informing, it's used to share information and knowledge. It should be communicated in a quick and precise method that helps the audience to grasp the message quickly. It should not be too wordy. Professional writing is also used to issue instructions or procedures on how to carry out a particular task. It can also be used to issue an order. In professions such as advertising, writing is done to persuade. It is used to convince customers to buy a product or service. In public relations, writing serves to paint an individual or company in good light.  Care should be taken to ensure that the right tone and language is used. Writing can also be done to encourage certain actions, for example when governments are calling out on the citizens to vote. Lastly, professional writing is used to solve problems, used to address an issue and find ways of finding solutions.

Professional writers must adhere to not only the style but also guiding principles. Practical ethical writing-ensures the information you are conveying is fair and accurate. It should also be accurate. Be competent in writing basics such as grammar and word construction. Carry out sufficient research to give a balance, well-analyzed article. Consider the target audience and adapt your writing to suit them. Most of the readers in this genre do not care for long explanations. You have to deliver the central message in the opening paragraphs. Ensure that the language matches the competence levels of the audience. If an engineer is writing a sales pitch for the sales team about a new product, the language will be different compared to if he was writing a memo to fellow engineers.

Most colleges and schools equip their students with knowledge on academic writing and may not be as competent in professional writing. The rules vary and professional writing is more straightforward. An individual or company may be forced to seek services of a professional writer to carry out their writing. When selecting a writer consider the following: Credibility- seek the services of a credible company that upholds accuracy and honesty. They should also be time conscious and keen on the deadlines that you provide. The writer should carry out in-depth research and get as much information about your company and even your competitors. The writing should be professional with a formal/ business tone and language used.

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