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What do you think students dislike most about college? If you guessed the dining hall food, you would be wrong. Students overwhelmingly dislike writing essays, specifically research papers, the longest, most complex, and most challenging papers to write. Would it surprise you to learn that professors don’t like assigning research papers either? As it turns out, professors don’t just sit around looking for ways to create more work for their students. Instead, they feel trapped by increasingly bureaucratic rules, which make it harder than ever to assign anything but research papers to their students.

We talked with a professor who didn’t want to be named so that he wouldn’t get in trouble. We asked him why he assigns research papers, and this is what he said:

“I don’t really have a choice. I’d rather assign interesting and creative assignments, but under the rules that the university imposes in order to meet accrediting standards and because of the fear of lawsuits, I’m sort of locked in to research papers. Let me give you an example. When I was putting together a course last year, the college required me to get approval for the syllabus, which already has to be almost 15 pages long to contain all the legalese needed to students won’t sue over bad grades.

“But it turns out that because of disability accommodations, I can’t require anything that needs visual or audio components, which rules out multimedia projects, unless I offer alternative assignments for students with disabilities. On top of that, I’m not allowed to assign projects that require subjective evaluations of their creativity because that can lead to biased grading. So every assignment has to be reducible to a rubric, meaning that I have to be able to check off boxes for what students did or did not due. Then, just to top it off, I am not allowed to assign any project that requires technical skills unless I am willing to provide software training. So, unless I’m willing to put in hundreds of hours of extra work, research papers are pretty much the only thing I can assign that doesn’t drive my pay down to minimum wage with all the extra work it would require.”

Wow! Who knew? But now that you know that professors aren’t really interested in research papers either, it makes it easier to realize that when you buy research papers to help you out, you’re also helping out your professors by delivering stronger, clearer, and well-formatted papers that they can grade more easily. And the happier you make your professor, the more likely you are to earn top marks on your next essay assignment.

Our service lets you buy research papers online from top writers who have the skills and knowledge to deliver the types of papers that your professors are clamoring for—or, rather, will find easier to read and easier to grade. Don’t feed your professors’ irritation! Good papers make for great grades, so let our writers show you how to please your professors!

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